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A Journey...

Living with an alcoholic can be an overwhelming experience. Growing up in an alcoholic home can be completely devastating and can very well affect the rest of your life -- how you think, your attitudes, your concept of yourself and the world around you.

Having lived with the disease of alcoholism in my home for more than 43 years, I can understand some of what you may be going through. I have been there, too. I have felt the same frustration, anger, desperation, loneliness, pain, and helplessness that you probably have experienced.

But I finally began recovering from the effects that someone else's drinking has had on my life. As I began to learn to change my attitude about the problem, I found that it lost its ability to control and dominate my life. I have found a measure of serenity. You can find it, too, whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not.

But I did not do it alone. Only with the help and support of others who have traveled the path to recovery before have I been able to find that "priceless gift of serenity." I began that healing process when I walked into my first Al-Anon meeting. Continue...

The Story Continues...

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