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Catagorized by subject matter, these pages can help explain the cunning, baffling and powerful disease of alcoholism and how it effects families and children, and how to find others who share your experience.

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Are You Troubled by Someone's Drinking?
Millions of people are affected by the drinking of someone close.

Are You Enabling an Alcoholic or Addict?
Are you helping or enabling?

Did You Grow Up With a Problem Drinker?
These questions will help you decide if Al-Anon can help.

Adult Children of Alcoholics Quiz
Sometimes we were affected in ways we do not even realize.

Chat Room
Talk about it with someone who has been there.

Al-Anon Chat Schedule
Check here for regularly scheduled meetings.

ACOA Chat Schedule
Check here for regularly scheduled meetings.

Alcohol in the News
Current headlines and news stories.

Online Al-Anon
Al-Anon gatherings on the Internet.

General Information
General information about alcohol and alcoholism.

The Effects of Alcohol
Some myths about drinking are exposed.

For 12 Step Group Members
Resources and information for members of 12 Step groups

Adult Children of Alcoholics
Online resources for Adult Children of Alcoholics.

Binge Drinking
Exactly what is considered binge drinking?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
The risks of drinking while pregnant.

College Binge Drinking
Facts about binge drinking on campus.

Relationship/Codependency Issues
Resources for those effected by someone else's drinking.

Denial, Enabling, Detachment
Some stumbling blocks to recovery.

Depression and Alcohol
Dealing with depression and addiction.

Online Diagnostic Tools
Tests that can help assess if you have a drinking problem.

Domestic Abuse
The many characteristics of abuse.

Drunk Driving
The dangers, penalties and costs of drunk driving.

Support for Families
Resources for the friends and families of alcoholics.

Genetics of Alcoholism
Is alcoholism hereditary?

Health Issues
Alcohol-related health issues and conditions.

Medical Treatment for Alcoholism
Pharmacological treatment and other resources.

Alternative Recovery Support
Secular approaches to recovery.

Alcohol Alerts from the NIAAA
News from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Online Recovery Resources
Recovery resources available on the Internet.

Other Drugs
Many alcoholics today are cross-addicted.

Pregnancy and Drinking
Drinking can effect your baby's health.

Help for Problem Drinkers
Help and support for those ready to stop drinking.

Recovery Tools
Software, books and other helps.

Alcohol Treatment and Rehab Centers
Professional and medical treatment and counseling.

Withdrawal Symptoms
Range from very mild to life-threatening.

Women & Alcohol
Gender-based alcohol issues.

Alcohol Dementia
Long-term drinking can cause Neurological damage.

Nutrition and Alcohol
Alcohol beverages can be dietary problems.

Setting Boundaries
Tips for setting and maintaining boundaries.

Daily Inspiration
Reflections, prayers, and meditations.

Elderly and Alcohol
Alcohol abuse by senior citizens.

MADD Chapters
Find a MADD Chapter near you.

ACOA Meetings & Contacts
Meetings for Adult Children of Alcoholics.

Al-Anon Meetings
Where and When for local meetings.

Al-Anon Internet Meetings
Email, Chat, and Bulletin Board meetings.

A.A. Internet Meetings
Email, IRC, Chat, and Bulletin Boards.

Personal Recovery Pages
Pages maintained by folks in recovery.

Personal Recovery Stories
Those who have been there tell their stories.

Victims of Drunk Driving
Memorial pages honoring those killed on the highways.

Christian Recovery Resources
Resources for Christians in Recovery.

The Costs of Alcohol Abuse
The cost to society and business is staggering.

Drunk Driving Facts
Cold hard facts for drunk drivers.

Dual Diagnosis
Mental disorders and substance abuse.

Resources for Families
Resources for those effected by someone else's drinking.

Relapse Prevention
Triggers, medications and preventive measures.

Recovery Gifts
Online shopping for recovery-related gifts.

Health Effects of Alcohol
Alcohol is not the only problem.

12 Step Humor
Humor wit and satire plus a good dose of truth.

Program Notes
Wisdom from the 12-step programs.

Information for Families of Alcoholics
Pages that help sort out the confusion.

For the Children
Information for children in alcoholic homes.

Gam-Anon Resources
For the familes of compulsive gamblers.

Gam-Anon Meetings
Contacts and lists of local meetings.

Nar-Anon Meetings
Find a local meeting in your area.

Nar-Anon Resources
For the friends and families of drug addicts.

12 Step Recovery
Information about 12 step recovery programs.

Tips for Parents
Tips and information for all parents.

Teens and Alcohol
Information about teenage drinking.

Women's Health Issues
Health risks for those who drink.

Information for Employers
Alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.

Political Issues
Alcohol-related legislative measures.

Shown to reduce alcohol craving and alcohol use.

New drug may help prevent relapse.

Nicotine and Alcohol
The correlations and the effects.

Most addictive drug is making a comeback.

Date Rape Drugs
Beware of these hidden in alcoholic drinks.

Cocaine and Crack
Find out why these drugs are so dangerous.

Diabetes & Alcohol
The two can be a fatal combination.

Hepatitis C
A silent killer for alcoholics.

The most widely used illicit drug in the U.S.

Also known as the poor man's cocaine.

OxyContin is one of the most abused prescription drugs.

Downers -- a dangerous dependency.

A variety of substances cause pseudo-hallucinations.

12 Step Periodicals
Grapevine, The Forum and other monthly journals.

Official 12 Step Organizations
World Service web sites for various 12 step programs.

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