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Recovering from the effects of alcoholism is a process, not a one-time event. I didn't get in the shape I was in overnight, and I couldn't expect to recover from it instantly either. But that process did not begin -- and never would have begun -- had I not decided to pick up the phone and find -- an Al-Anon meeting.

I can still remember my first meeting. I saw something there that I wanted in my life. It was in the eyes and faces of those people in that first room. What I saw was hope and serenity. I knew that I needed both in my life. I decided to "keep coming back."

The only qualification for membership in any Al-Anon Family Group is that there be a problem with drinking in a relative or friend, whether the drinker in question is an alcoholic or just a problem drinker. If someone else's drinking is a problem for you, find -- An Al-Anon meeting nearby. There you will find people who understand as perhaps few others can.

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The Story Continues...

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