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What the Al-Anon Family Groups did more than anything else, was impart wisdom that I could never have discovered on my own. The "program" gives me the tools that I need to take back my own life and begin living again. I learned to use the slogans, the literature, the 12 steps, and every opportunity to hear the experiences of others.

Really, it was just "little" things. Small bits of wisdom that had never occurred to me before. After awhile, these small bits of understanding began to build up into a new way of thinking -- about myself and the world around me.

I was amazed how simple the recovery process was -- simple but not easy! I began to rely on the simple wisdom of the program as I understood it. That wisdom keeps me coming back, week after week, to the meeting rooms. And helps me maintain a measure of serenity no matter what may be happening with others in my life.

For the friends and family of the alcoholic, the key to serenity is finding the wisdom to know the difference between what they can and cannot change.

Why do I need help? He's the alcoholic!:
The disease of alcoholism affects everyone in the family, whether they realize it or not.

Games People Play (Part I)
You didn't cause it and you can't control it. But could you be contributing to the problem? If you find your self locked in to playing a role in the alcoholic's life, maybe it's time to call "time out."

The Serenity Prayer:
Used by virtually all 12-step recovery support groups, few realize it's the first stanza of a much longer prayer.

The Story Continues...

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